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Here is a list of Our testimonials

    By John
    Found Satterfield Automotive Repair on the internet with positive comments and here is another one and yes he is that good.
    I have f250 v10, went in for a tune up, an upper throttle clean out and to inspect the brakes. First thing I noticed was Chris shop and offices are clean. The second, I appreciated him taking time to educate me of what he was going to do and how it would affect the vehicle before I even made the appointment.

    The Stealership wanted $500.00 just for the tune up, Chris $507.00, he did much more. 
    He noticed my ac vacuum line was not connected correctly, fixed, then while inspecting the brakes he found out my 11 month old front rotors that a tire store down the street from him installed, were overdesigned for the usage of my truck, meaning yes they were for my truck, but were designed for heavy duty usage, like pulling heavy trailers, heavy duty construction sort of work $660.00 per set. My truck is and looks strictly like an interstate truck, with casually pulling a 30 foot trailer (about 8000 lbs) and this is where it gets interesting; with my invoice in his hand he went down to the tire store and demanded an explanation of why they would put such rotors on, when a standard rotor $250.00 a set would have been more cost efficient for me, no real explanation was given. They wanted to install new rear rotors $550.00, Chris said that all they needed were to be turned, fixed
    Also, while test driving he noticed a vibration, after further inspection he found 3 almost new tires were out of round, these were Michelins too. Verification was made by the store I bought them from; that 3 tires were in fact out of round.

    With the tune up and an upper throttle clean out, and rotors turned, the truck runs better than ever before

    I find Chris honest and did not nickel and dime me.

    It is great to finally find a confident mechanic who will not take advantage of you, understands and does quality work, wants to do the right thing, does the job right the first time.
    I will take all my vehicles to Satterfield Automotive Repair.
    by Oops912
    *Crying tears of joy* After 4 mechanics, $200 in diagnostic fees, spark plugs changed 3 times, and a check engine light that has been on for a year my car is finally FIXED thanks to Mr. Satterfield! After all I've been through with my car all it took him was one look and an hour and a half and my car runs like NEW! This guy really knows his stuff. He's very educated and experienced in what he does. Honest, Fair, and he CARES unlike most mechanics. He also saved me over $850 which is what I would have paid plus more had I gone to the guy who gave me a quote prior to Mr. Satterfieild. After almost giving up hope on all mechanics I can honestly say I've found a great one who will be my mechanic from here on out! You don't have to search anymore because this is your guy :-) He's remarkable and I highly recommend him!
    by Leilani
    Our car has been needing repair for a while and my mother in-law has been in need of some repair on her van. We wanted to find someone who had a good rep for being honest and reliable. So we went on-line where I found several auto repair shops listed; the difference between Satterfield’s and all the others was the fact that it had 25 reviews and the other ones had maybe 2 reviews which were short and not really showing us the experience they had with the company.  

    Yesterday we had brought in two vehicles; a van that had a brake fluid leak and a car that appears to have fuel pump issues. Although busy, he got the van done that day; later, we traded vehicles and I left the car to get fixed. As far as the van goes, Satterfield's was extremely reasonable on his price and had fixed the a.c. and speed odometer at no extra cost to us. So far he has been honest and very reliable by his word. Currently, we feel we have found our mechanic and would recommend him to our friends and family anytime.

    Because the work is not done yet (the car we dropped off last night), we well be back to give the conclusion of our experience with this company. Honestly, I look forward to seeing what he was able to do to make the life of the car feel like a good running car again. Until we write again................

    O.K. so now I have my car back after a long wait that was worthwhile which runs beautifully. Our experience had its up and downs but in no way was the fault of Mr. Satterfield. Mr. Satterfield made a thorough check of everything and in the end found that it was a problem we had previously had fixed from another shop. With that being said, Mr. Satterfield not only replaced the part that needed to be replaced but also made sure that all sources to it was cleaned and free of rust at no additional cost. When we went the other day to get an update on the work being done or work still needing to be done our cost was over 1000. However, Mr. Satterfield found that our car did not need some suggested work thus bring our cost back down below the 1000 dollar mark. I feel that Mr. Satterfield is a reliable and honest auto repair shop that is in no way willing to make their customers overpay on work being done or replace needless repair in order to bring in more money. Ultimately, Mr. Satterfield has found a new customer for life just like many before me has written. We love you Mr. Satterfield; may God walk with through these hard economic times!!!
    by Cierra
    I am now a customer for life as well. He was wonderful with my car and found out the problem right away. The best part was he didn't even charge me because it only took him minutes to remove air bubbles from my power steering fluid system. As a young woman it is nice to find a honest mechanic who won't take advantage of me, I will be taking my car here every time I have a problem from now on.
    by joe
    I couldn't be more pleased. Instead of just replacing parts until the problem was fixed Chris found the problem and just fixed that. Saved me 100's of dollars. This is going to be the only place i take my car from now on. If you dont know much about cars and are looking for someone to give you an honest diagnosis, look no farther, Chris is your man.
  6. by New Life Long Customer
    Having only been in the Jacksonville area for a couple of months and not knowing a sole, you can imagine the horror I felt when my Hummer was hesitating when it was started. I went to Auto Zone who told me my starter was out, so I started looking online seaching for a honest mechanic. Boy did I ever find one!!!! When I got there Mr. Satterfield had already had my part ordered and was prepared to do the work. Upon further inspection Mr. Satterfield discovered that not only was my battery and starter good but that the problem was just a loose cable. Instead of replacing the starter and charging me for what I told him was wrong, he was honest and tightened my cable and I walked out of there for $20. I have since brought him another vehicle of mine and he did a wonderful job in fixing it and his prices were more than reasonable. I would highly recoomend him to anyone! I am glad I have found MY mechanic.
  7. by Liz
    What a top notch mechanic! Very thorough,honest, knowledgeable and informative. Feel so Blessed to have finally found "my mechanic." :)
  8. by Pamela
    Recently my partner and I were in Jacksonville visiting friends from California who were undergoing tests at the Mayo Clinic. We had driven down from our home in Asheville, NC in our '91 Toyota Corolla wagon which started making a serious clunking noise. We asked the manager at the hotel where we were staying if they knew a "good, honest, reasonable mechanic" close by and they recommended Chris Satterfield, saying he was the mechanic they used. Chris said he was VERY busy, being a one man shop, but he would be willing to take a look at the car that day. 

    After a test ride he quickly diagnosed the problem - a worn out clutch which we had suspected might be the case. When the estimate came back higher than he originally anticipated (and also higher than other estimates we got calling around) Chris was willing to work on the numbers to bring the cost down to match the others. More than that though, he was as thorough as he said he would be, calling each time he found something else that needed repair (a rusted and leaking slave cylinder, a broken motor mount). And even after getting the clutch back together he said there was still a noise that he wanted to check out. When we talked to him later in the evening he said he found that the right CV axle needed replacing. He had already gone ahead and ordered the part and said he could do the work the next morning AND would not charge any extra for the labor, feeling he should have discovered the problem when he was doing the other work. He thought he would have the car finished by noon the next day and called us right on schedule.  

    When we went to pick up the car he had an invoice ready for us with a detail of all the parts and labor charges. We have no doubt that all the extra work was truly legitimate. Even though the Toyota is in great shape and only has 65,000 miles, she's an OLD car. After the work Chris did, she runs beautifully! The trip back to Asheville was a breeze.

    We feel lucky that we were guided to Satterfield's. Chris is a terrific mechanic, honest and respectful. If we are back in Jacksonville and have any car problems, we now know where to go for great service.
  9. by 55 Chevy
    I am a repeat customer who has been very satisfied with Chris Satterfield's work. I have a classic 55' Chevy and this is my second visit. I brought my vehicle in to have the engine pulled, detailed, chromed and painted. He found an issue with my crankshaft and he repaired it without it costing me an arm and leg. If you are patient and want a detailed and thorough job accomplished on a classic vehicle he is a good person to go to.
  10. by Robin
    **Very happy customer!** I was so lucky to have found Satterfield's Auto Repair. I had read the reviews before taking my truck to Chris. I was impressed by what everyone had to say and thought I needed to check it out for myself. Much to my surprise, all of it was true. Chris is dedicated to his work and treating customers the way they should be treated. He has lots of patients and doesn't let the job get the best of him. He works through the issues until the job is completed. Not once did he get upset or have a foul mouth while working on my truck and my truck had some issues! I was impressed by his mannerism and his work ethics. Two thumbs up!! I recommend Satterfield's Auto Repair to EVERYONE! Thanks Chris - You are now my only mechanic!
  11. by Mark
    The first thing you want to know about Chris Saterfield is he is honest to be bone. He can fix any automotive related problem you might have and he does it at a reasonable price. He helped me (he did the work) build a classic corvette that showed very well. After Chris finished the car it won a "Peoples Choice" Award at the World Golf Village, "Corvettes @ the Village." Attendees at the show drooled over the car all day. Chris has repaired all of my other cars and trucks for several years. He has always made me feel like a valued customer. So, if you want to deal with an honest repair shop and get outstanding service at a fair price Chris Satterfield is your guy.
  12. by GFO13
    Since I had 170,000 miles on my truck, I thought it might be time to have a complete rear brake job. I found Chris' website online and was impressed with all the great reviews. I called and got a price for all the work I thought I needed, and Chris quoted me a price that seemed fair. I took my truck in and left. Chris called me later and told me (to his surprise and mine) I didn't need a brake job, or anything replaced. He did some clean-up on it and charged me only a small amount for that work. He could have charged me the full amount and let me think he had done the brake job. I will recommend Chris to my family and friends. I really appreciated his honesty.
  13. by Chad
    I found Chris website online and a couple of local friends referred me to him after my engine blew out. Chris did a great job explaining to me what happend and gave me several options to make the repairs. He didn't ever pressure me and just offered up great advice. He was easily $300 to $600 less than other mechanics -- but he also did more work than they were willing to do for the same price.  

    His shop is very clean and all his tools are "where they should be". He works on all different cars and really enjoys making them right -- without killing your budget! He takes his time when he works on you know things are done well and correctly the first time. 

    I am now taking my other vehicle to be serviced here and I recommend him to my other friends and family if they need work or maintenance done on their car. I'll never take my car to a "quick lube" place again. 

    Chris does great work, is personable, and takes his time! I've found my local mechancic and I'll never take my car to the dealer again!
  14. by Christine
    I've been in Jacksonville now 10yrs. From N.Y. where I knew where to go if my vehicle broke! It was very frustrating going online with all these shops calling them telling me $600.00 -$300.00 etc. I have no clue about cars anyway I saw chris's shop online called him it was close I had a good feeling after speaking with him, he took me right in checked my drivers side window which everybody was telling me it was either the motor or whole setup in there! anyway we thought it was the motor Chris gave me a very fair price better then anyone else! Then after digging a little deeper inside the door it seemed that the window itself was off some kind of electrical thing? Chris put it back the right way and my window was fine!!! Now these days you don't find a lot of HONEST people out there, Chris could have easily just replaced the motor and not told me I would never have known but he is a very Honest, Fair, Professional, NICE Business Man I wouldn't take my car anywhere else now and he can be sure all my friends will know about him tooo Thank You Again Chris! I forgot to add one important detail he SAVED me alot of $$$$!
  15. by Steve E
    I live in Atlanta, work in Jacksonville. Recently on a trip from Atlanta back to Jacksonville my alternator went out. I didn't have any tools with me so I was faced with having to find someone to do the work. We were lucky enough to find Chris' name on the internet. Although it was late in the afternoon, he agreed to keep his shop open until I could get off work and get over to him. I like to do the work on my own vehicles when possible so I was a little concerned about having it done by someone else, especially someone I had never met. After meeting Chris and seeing first hand some of the other vehicles that he was servicing, I had no doubt in my mind that he knew what he was doing. Turns out he's been turning wrenches most of his life and you can tell it. He is extremely knowledgeable and fair - traits that are hard to find these days. Not only did he do the job 100% to my satisfaction, he did it for substantially less than anyone else that we contacted. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a good mechanic that will not take you to the cleaners. I know that for any work that I need done while here in Jacksonville, Chris will be the one to do it for me.
  16. by Charles R
    I was sharing my frustrating experiences with auto repair shops with a co-worker of mine a few months back. He told me of a shop here in Jacksonville that was not like the rest. He told me of a shop where the owner takes pride in his work and truly has the customer's satisfaction in mine. Chris Satterfield is such a man. Honest and open on his evaluation of my car's problem, he repaired my car with meticulous care. He even steam clean under my hood for FREE. Very competent and thorough. Best auto repair experience I have had. Highly recommend his shop.
  17. by Howard G.
    Since I got my license 40 years ago I have owned eight vehicles and driven about 900,000 miles. I have had plenty of experience with car repair shops and mechanics of all kinds. Chris Satterfield is by far the best and most honest mechanic I have yet dealt with. He possesses an extraordinary knowledge of every aspect of auto repair, is very fair with his pricing, and goes out of his way to make sure the customer is satisfied with the work. He is a perfectionist and this shows not only in his work but also the clean and orderly nature of his shop. He is friendly, courteous and respectful and is a pleasure to deal with. He did an excelllent job repairing several major systems on my 1982 Corvette including the fuel injection, timing chain, and gaskets. He went beyond this to fix or adjust several more items he came across in the course of the work, some of this at no cost. I would recommend him highly.
  18. by wileyx33
    Honest, knowledgeable, straight forward...list could go on forever. Figured out my a/c problem in a very short amount of time and it blows nice and cold. Definitely would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Satterfield!
  19. by Tim
    Mr. Satterfield was the most professional, straight forward mechanic I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. He was very straight forward and any time there was an update he promptly called me. I brought him and old broken down RV, and he got it back up and running great. Our estimate only covered removing broken off exhaust studs and replacing the exhaust manifold gaskets (Not to mention it was the cheapest estimate out of 5 local repair shops) but he repaired my A/C, temp gauge, water pump, cleaned out my carburetor, and he even offered to seal my roof still sticking to the original estimate. Mr. Satterfield is a very meticulous, through, perfectionists. He gave me a tour of his shop and he was doing some amazing work on some pretty expensive cars, and still had time to fit in my old RV. 

    Thank you so much. Mr. Satterfield if you need any references please let me know. You have a customer for life.
  20. by Lily C
    Last winter, I had an engine problem that the dealer charged me basically a month's take-home pay to fix even though the car was still under warranty. Apparently, this particular problem was not covered, even though, per the dealership, "it would damage the engine if not repaired soon". How convenient...

    Well, a few months later, the engine light came back on and I was sick to my stomach thinking about the repairs. I bugged every body I knew for a good mechanic. Some friends of mine recommended Chris to me so I popped in to his shop. Chris basically stopped everything he was doing to run a diagnostic on the car and amazingly, assured me that contrary to what I feared, the car was fine. He gave me a few tips on what to do to prevent the problem from coming back. I was further amazed when he charged me considerably less than what two other auto shops wanted just to run the same exact diagnostics!

    Needless to say, I've been going to Chris ever since for everything, including my oil changes. Talk about thorough. Don't believe those express places that advertise they check everything and throw in tire rotation. I can tell you, every time I used to go to one of those places, I'm usually finished in about 15 minutes, so the express part is true, but I'm pretty sure it takes more time than that to check the brakes, belts, fluids, etc. and do the tire rotation and pressure even with 2 people working on the car. Chris and his team spend time to check everything, so when I drive out of there I know I'm really good to go. (BTW, thanks to Chris, I learned that my car only needs 4 quarts of oil, not the 5 I've been charged elsewhere for years).

    Did I say Chris was a good mechanic? Well, I was wrong.

    Chris is an EXCELLENT mechanic. Totally honest and not greedy at all. He truly knows his stuff and won't send you down the garden path with ridiculous theories about what's wrong with your car. Other businesses should take a clue from Chris.
  21. by Gino Rocca
    Chris Satterfield has fixed my car several different time and for a number of reasons.

    Chis is an excellent machanic . I would recomment Chris to friends, including my very own family.You can fully trust Chris, If he runs into a problem that was not diognosed at the first, he would call you up and tgell you what the proplem is and explain why it is needed. I would say that his prices are very reasonable . You can be ceratain when chris fixes a car , you will not ave a problem with that any more.I know severalpeople that Chris rixed thier car and they just can't say enogh good to say about Chris on howv that Chris did work for them and how great the car was running after completion of trying it out. All I can say is Chris is a very good Mechanic. 

    Gino Rocca
  22. by Joe
    Never had such great service from any auto shop in my life. He was knowledgeable, fast, HONEST, fair, and reliable. I will be bringing all my auto needs to his shop from here on out. I would recommend this shop to anyone that has pretty much any auto need. The variety of vehicles in the shop proves that be it an import, domestic, truck, classic, 4x4, this guy can take care of you. Thank you for an excellent job and a great conversation, will definitely be recommending everyone I know to this shop from here on out.
    If you need honest vehicle advice & professional integrity by a man who has pride in a job well done, this is the place to bring your vehicle for excellent professional repairs, whether it is a simple oil & lube or major drivetrain overhaul ."Chris " and his staff will provide "service par excellence ". Chris and his team totaIly overhauled my 1986 MAZDA B2000 SE 5 Pickup Truck i.e., ENGINE,CARBURETOR, CLUTCH, U- joints with driveshaft & differential service. After 3000 miles of freeway mountains and city driving I have no complaints . As I write, Chris is preparing my rear suspension for attaching a 4x6 utility trailer to make an EAST to WEST Coast trip. I highly recommend this shop for all your vehicle needs. Robert M. Greene HMCM/USN /RETIRED
  24. by Michelle D
    Absolutely Outstanding! I have a 2005 GMC Envoy that I've had nothing but problems with. I had a warrenty with the dealership and I was taking my truck there every few months to fix a idling problem and a slow shifting problem. Each time they assured me they fixed the problem with the computer system. Now that the warrenty was up I was recommended Satterfield's, in a matter of a day Chris was able to identify the problem. A rat had chewed through my #4 injector wiring harness! I very sure that this has been the problem the whole time. Not to mention the dealership never cleared the error codes. My truck was fixed within a day of finding the issue. I have never gotten such great gas mileage. Excellent, Thorough and Professional. I will definitely stay with Statterfield's!!!!!
  25. by Swisher Sweetie
    My best friend referred me to Satterfield's Auto. I have an Acura 2001.
    I have had my car serviced regularly at other auto shops. Satterfield's was so thorough, they replaced my cabin filter. I did not know I had a cabin filter. In the 8 years of being serviced elsewhere, no one had ever replaced. Satterfield's does excellent work, they are very professional, and their prices are great! They are definitely a keeper!
  26. By Kurt
    To all who choose Chris to fix your automobiles....I can say that he treated my Corvette as his own and did a great job....Always checked with me on ANY needed changes to the original estimate....Very informative to me on everything that was done to my Vette....Great mechanic and trustworthy man!!!!
  27. By Stuart
    I first found Chris when I had a problem with my car's camshaft synchronizer. He's the only mechanic I called who even knew what I was talking about. I've since taken my car in to his shop serveral times. He has always given excellent service at a fair price. I didn't think honest mechanics existed anymore, but Chris is proof they do. He knows everything about cars, and is able to fix just about any problem.
  28. By Sapo
    This auto repair shop does excellent work and is honest about what does and does not need to be done. The only reason I don't rate them at 5 stars is that it may take a couple days to have the work completed, but when choosing between getting things done fast and getting them done right, I'll take right any day of the week.